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This transcription has attempted to create an exact, digitised replica of Knight’s manuscripts. The grammar and language have been kept as close as possible to the original, although some words have been modified for clarity. Where a word has been indecipherable, the symbol “(IW)” has been used. In some cases, the author has made an informed guess at a word, normally because part of it goes into the margin. These cases have been noted with the symbol “(?)” after the word. Knight’s manuscripts were never published meaning there are frequent crossings out and inserted pages. In most cases, the crossings out have been ignored as the content was often replicated in the succeeding paragraphs. However, in some cases, where the author deemed them useful, they have been included. Knight frequently alerted the reader to inserted pages using an asterisk. For clarity, the author has often attempted to insert these pages in their rightful order and has stated when this has occurred.


As this project is an ongoing process, only a few sections from both volumes are available. The transcription will be updated and added to. In time, it is hoped that any words marked as “(IW)” or “(?)” will be altered as the author becomes more familiar with the text and its context.

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